…to professional success,

…to others’ perception of you online,

…to telling the world how GREAT you are.

And you know what I’m pretty sure of?

You’re too smart and talented, and oozing with too much potential to let a lack of confidence in your English language skills hold you back.

Let’s communicate our way to a better career and a better life, shall we?

I’m Lucy, and I’m a language and communication coach. I’ll help you break down your language barriers, figure out how you learn best, and design a plan to reach your goals in a creative, holistic, non-judgmental way that won’t hurt your brain.

because the truth?


A recruiter or hiring manager will skim your résumé for a mere seven seconds before deciding whether to contact you.


What you say to the person next to you in that 30-second elevator ride could change your life. Or not.


When you inadvertently hit the send button on oh-so-confusing emails, people will definitely be confused…and definitely call you out on it.

So you need the stellar communication skills to vouch for all of the incredible talents and ideas you have in that gorgeous brain of yours.

It’s time to get your messages across with fewer misunderstandings.

It’s time to tell your story clearly and confidently in English, even if it isn’t your first language.

It’s time to communicate your way to a better career and a better life.

Check out the ways we can work together to do just that.

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