and I’m a language and communication coach. I  help women communicate their way to better careers…and better lives.

Maybe not, but I think I’ve seen you around.

You want to do the kind of work that changes the world or maybe just your world by paying your bills
(and that’s cool), but…


you cringe whenever someone comments on your accent or asks how long you’ve been learning English


you mumble, “Forever” under your breath because it feels like you’ve been at this for that long


you think you’re past that magical age where you can improve your communication skills, so


you avoid any situation that puts you or your words on the spot, and


your brilliant ideas stay trapped inside your head

You don’t need another textbook or boring one-size-fits-all class. You need someone to help you peel back the layers of confusion and doubt and get your communication on.

You need someone who gets it.

I get it.  

I learned from years of language & literacy tutoring that a lack of confidence can suck the life out of your ideas.

Lack of confidence was the thing I had in common with all of my students, regardless of gender, age, or even native language.

I know what it’s like to feel yourself shrink in front of someone you think is smarter, more educated, and more articulate.  I’ve whispered, mumbled, and stayed quiet more times than I can count.

That’s why I decided to focus on creating a space with you in mind, a space where you can stop translating in your head and start speaking your ideas out loud, uninhibited by verb tenses, vocabulary, or wavering self-confidence.

I also wanted to design a space where I could apply my background to help you communicate better and have the career you’ve always wanted. A background that includes a degree in communication with loads of coursework in linguistics, language education, dyslexia studies, and business communication in English and Spanish, language education, plus over 15 years of corporate experience, most of which I’ve spent organizing and scratching out words for corporate lawyers (who happen to be some of the wordiest, pickiest people on earth).


And my switch from tutoring to language & communication coaching?

Well, you can thank my weird obsession with the brain for that. There was no turning back once I discovered a quicker, more brain-friendly way to help you improve your speaking and writing. The listmaker in me loves helping you design goals you actually care about, not the ones laid out in some generic syllabus.


When I’m not working, listmaking, or coaching, I’m hanging out with my family. Or I’m hanging around the house in my yoga pants that have not once seen the likes of a yoga mat, curled up with a good book, listening to old records, or shamelessly binging on YouTube videos.

So, now that we’ve gotten to know each other a little bit, you can learn more about working with me here.

Or hang out with me online here:

Thanks for taking the time to get to know me. I can’t wait to get to know you better!

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